Analysis: First Amendment Applies to Internet

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"A California appeals court ruled Friday that online reporters are protected by the same confidentiality laws that protect traditional journalists, striking a blow to efforts by Apple Computer to identify people who leaked confidential company data." – New York Times.

This is good news. Reporters should have these freedoms: It's necessary to be a watchdog for the government and big business.

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Bush gives NSA power to exempt corporations from SEC rules and regulations


I wish this Al Gore movie would come to this town 😦 An Inconvenient Truth

In the meantime… gas has reached $4 a gallon in some parts of the country 

I nervously watch the gas pumps around here. Although it's down to $2.65 a gallon here (which still isn't cheap), it won't take much to shoot back up to the near $3 it loomed at for months.

Silly AT&T…

May 26, 2006


AT&T leaks sensitive info in NSA suit!

Capitol Hill

" A bipartisan majority on the House Judiciary Committee yesterday passed the "Internet Freedom and Nondiscrimination Act" — a good bill that would use antitrust law to protect Network Neutrality. Special thanks to those of you who called the key members who cast the deciding votes." –

Now is a time to write your representatives telling them to pass the network neutrality laws!

Capitol Hill

Don't be fooled! and hands off the internet are advocating anti-net neutrality. They claim to be "nationwide coalition of Internet users." However, it appears to be just a ploy from the big telecommunication companies. claims that YOU will have to pay for the internet instead of big companies like Google and Yahoo with net-neutrality laws. I find this to be highly deceiving. Google and Yahoo, etc already pay for the internet. They pay for servers and BANDWITH! Consumers then pay to access the internet. Net Neutrality won't make consumers pay more, it just makes big business pay more for services they already use. If they don't pay the extra charges, then SBC and the big telcos just slow down their services (or don't deliver them at all). This is totally unfair. 

    Bloggers and individuals will then be forced to pay for the amount of bandwidth they use for their person sites in addition to the fees and hosting charges they already pay (for bandwidth).

     These "grassroot" campaigns against net neutrality make it seem like the government will be controling the internet, incorrect. It is just keeping big telephone companies from controling the internet. The government will not control anything, other than the amount of power the telephone companies have (which is plenty as it is). Don't be fooled. Advocate FOR net neutrality!

    It comes down to this:

Big telco wants to get paid twice for their services. Net neutrality laws will stop them from forcing websites and other companies to pay more. This will prevent telecommunication companies from slowing down or limiting access for those who don't pay more.  Net neutrality means freedom on the internet, without having to pay double (or more) for your content to get through.

Net neutrality laws are probably not enough. Big Telcos need breaking up, but this can be a start to controlling their power. 

Sign this petition for net neutrality.